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The Circle of Life, sustainability at Pomuni

At Pomuni, we also want to contribute to a better world, on a societal and ecological level, today and for future generations. We owe everything to nature. In fact, our much-loved potato comes straight from Mother Nature’s bosom.

Sustainability has always been an important part of decision-making in our organisation. Striving to strike a balance between our production process, the environment and people is the key to success. During our renovation and expansion programme, we have always prioritised sustainability and energy efficiency.

We work with potatoes every day. It truly is a natural product, something that we are proud of. At Pomuni we use every potato we harvest. And if it doesn’t have the right shape or size for the fresh produce market, we use it for tasty frozen products instead!

“Our marketing has also helped as part of our sustainability efforts and the communication about it. Everyone has taken stock of what is already being done in his or her respective department and of what we want to or will achieve in the future. Because sustainable entrepreneurship is a continually evolving process that never stops.

To highlight all our sustainability aspects in a clear and fun manner, we have created an amusing animated video”, Marketing Manager Barbara Muyshondt explains.

Seeing as an image is sometimes worth a thousand words, you can view our sustainability video here. We hope you enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it!

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