Our growers

We work closely with our local potato growers to ensure constant high quality. That’s a key aspect of our strategy, nurtured by open dialogue. Only long-term relationships are able to generate mutual trust. And that is essential for the quality of the potato harvest and our potato products. It all starts in the field at the grower.

Proudly made in Belgium

The whole world loves Belgian potatoes. Our country offers the ideal conditions for growing potatoes. The soil and the climate are perfect, while the growers are spread far and wide and are among the best there are. All of them are passionate specialists who are proud of their high-quality produce, grown with cutting-edge, eco-friendly techniques. With our shared love of potatoes, it stands to reason that we are on the same wavelength.

Built on respect

We stay in contact with our growers all year round to ensure we are always able to supply the tastiest fresh potatoes and potato products. Constant quality can only be achieved as part of a close partnership characterised by mutual respect and an understanding of nature. Plus, a long-term relationship with local growers is the fastest track to optimal traceability throughout the production chain. From field to fork, consumers know exactly where we source our potatoes.

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