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Pomuni supplies high-quality private-label fresh potatoes and frozen mashed potato products to retailers, wholesalers and food services. We are passionate and experienced specialists who have ploughed the stretch between field and shop shelf for generations.

How it all began...

The story of Pomuni is the story of a family. The first seed was planted in the 1920s. Four generations later Pomuni is a booming business with a reputation for delicious potatoes and potato products.


In 1928, the founding father Jos Muyshondt established the company J. Muyshondt en zonen. They mainly traded in fruit and vegetables on the wholesale market in Antwerp.


 The firm experienced strong growth during the Second World War as the market expanded hugely.  


After the war, the second generation joined the company. They decided to expand their market and export local products to neighbouring countries.


The fresh market experienced unprecedented growth in the 1970s and the firm shifted its focus to potatoes. Muyshondt pushed into the retail market, where it remains strong today.


In 1977, the third generation steps into the helm of the company. They started working more closely with growers and focused on integrated cultivation and quality.


In order to differentiate more, a producer of frozen mashed potato products was taken over in the 1990s. Later on, various takeovers were also realised in the fresh sector.

Nov. 2012

In 2012, the decision was made to continue under one new name: Pomuni.


In order to optimally respond to new trends in the food industry, in 2017, major renovation and expansion works were started on Pomuni Trade and Pomuni Frozen on the site in Ranst. With these changes, Pomuni will be reinvented, as it were, and the company will be prepared for the next generations under the impetus of the fourth generation.

Why working with Pomuni?

Pomuni is an integrated group of companies specialised in the cultivation, purchase, trade and processing of fresh potatoes and potato products. The group comprises three companies at two Belgian sites. That allows us to work flexibly and respond in an agile way to customer requests – wherever they are.

The success of our family business is driven by four basic values: honesty, continuity, determination and craftsmanship. We have a huge passion for what we do and we share that love of high-quality potatoes with our growers and customers. Enabling us to place the right potato from the right field in the right bag every time. Everyone is happy.

  • Quality is our first base
  • Traceability is a priority
  • The customer is central
  • We are flexible and fast
  • With a focus on high-tech production
  • Total respect for people and planet


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