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2021 Pomuni harvesting season

We have embarked upon the month of October and this is the time when the minds of our cultivation team turn to the harvest.

The final samples have been taken, the storage planning has been completed and the first waxy potatoes have been harvested. However, we can clearly see the effects of the wet summer on our fields. Careful harvesting to avoid additional damage to our potatoes will be more important than ever. In short, it will be all hands on deck, although for the moment it’s the calm before the storm, because it has been raining - thankfully - in the last few days and so we are hoping for a few weeks of more stable dry weather so that we can harvest everything properly.

That said, we are well prepared, because due to climate change we have already had several wet and late harvesting seasons in recent years. This is the reason why, together with our partners, we have invested in additional harvesting, reception and storage capacities so that we can extract the maximum possible benefit when harvesting conditions are ideal.

It’s our conviction here at Pomuni that the start of the autumn, when the potatoes are stored in our wooden pallet boxes and ready to last through the winter, remains our most favourite time of year! 

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