Quality is the Starting Point

At Pomuni, it is vital to us that our potatoes receive “total care”.  We have chosen a progressive, fully automated analytical process which ensures this high quality.  An internal quality assurance team is always present, carefully following up on every lot and performing a broad range of tests. 

Hygiene: the First Requirement When Aiming for Quality

When processing potatoes, hygiene and chain-monitoring are indispensable.  At Pomuni, the integrated quality processes meet the most recent IFS and BRC standards and hygiene is checked, both internally and externally, based on the strictest HACCP and environmental standards. 

Using New Techniques, Pomuni Raises Standards

As a quality product, the potato demands specialisation and follow-up.  Year after year, as the population grows and the number of different types of potato increases, our quality also increases.  Pomuni constantly searches for areas which can be improved.  Placing GPRS scanners with growers and pre-ventilation are great examples of how Pomuni raises its quality standards, year after year, guaranteeing the highest possible quality.