The fourth generating is further expanding at Pomuni

12 - 02 - 2014

Since early 2014 Nele Muyshondt has become the point of contact for all staff at Pomuni Trade, Frozen and Logistics.

Born among the potatoes

Nele is the scion of Jos Muyshondt and Diane Peers. Her brothers Hans and Ben Muyshondt have already been working in the family business Pomuni for some years. After gaining some years of experience in the retail sector, Nele thought it was time to step on board.

After her SME Management bachelor's degree Nele continued to study for her Marketing master's and she completed her studies with a master-after-master in Human Resources Management.
To learn the tricks of the trade she started as a Management Trainee at Makro Cash & Carry in 2010. After a year she became a "house brands and quality assistant" at Metro Cash & Carry. She concluded her Metro Cash & Carry career at the personnel department, which gave her some relevant experience to start at Pomuni.

Nele will be in charge of personnel matters, including payroll, sickness, holidays and training at Pomuni Trade, Frozen and Logistics.

She dreams of one big Pomuni family where everyone just loves to come to work every day and announces that her door will always be open for questions or new ideas.
Nele fully backs the company's vision and mission and also supports the corporate values: honesty, continuity and determination. After some time, step by step, she will deal with the Pomuni marketing story. Besides her job at the company, she loves travelling, running and cycling.