Shifts within Pomuni management

29 - 01 - 2019

With effect from 1/1/2019, there have been some shifts within the Pomuni management. On the one hand Jos Muyshondt has quit his daily operational tasks, and on the other hand Bart Muyshondt will focus more on new projects. 

This will result in the redistribution of tasks within management. Jos will focus on his role as chairman of the Board of Directors and the family. And in the coming years, Bart will have final responsibility for guiding the company through the investment process as project director.

Consequently, apart from cultivation, Hans Muyshondt will also have final responsibility for operations and procurement. Besides the commercial department, Ben Muyshondt will also take responsibility for the HR department and assume the role of chairman of the board. Until further notice, the final responsibility for finances still remains with Jos.

Moreover, in September 2019, both companies will be operational at the site in Ranst. We would therefore like to celebrate the transition from the third to the fourth generation, as well as the new installations, sometime this autumn. We look forward to informing you more on this later.