Princesse Amandine. Such a beautiful and sparkling pearl…

26 - 03 - 2014

Pomuni is one of the exclusive suppliers of the Princesse Amandine. She’s the cream of the crop, the queen of potatoes. With this article we would like to highlight this ravishing princess.

Who’s Princesse Amandine ?

Princesse Amandine is being cultivated since 1994. It’s a merger between two potato varieties, namely Charlotte and Marianna. Her perfect and smooth shape, her taste of fresh butter and her clear colour confirm her name. This potato has such a thin and delicate skin, you can even eat it.

The production of the Princesse Amandine is of 100% of French origin

The ware potatoes (available from August till May) are produced in Nord-Picardie, Champagne, Beauce and Val de Saône. The early potatoes in Bretagne, Camargue and Provence (available from June till July).
Only the best lots of the Amandine are picked out, this gives the Princess Amandine her quality of taste, her firm cooking characteristic and her soft texture. This makes her a true princess.

Delicious and few calories

Actually the magnificence of potatoes is unknown. The potato is a vegetable that has a lot of nutritional and indisputable qualities. Cooked in water, a potato is really low in calories, 80 kcal for 100g. Bread, however, has a value of 256 kcal for 100g. The Amandine variety is perfect for cooking or steaming. We can also eat them roasted or in a stew. You can find a recipe with the Amandine potato on our website.