Pomuni Frozen

Pomuni Frozen is a pioneer in the processing of fresh potatoes into high-quality potato products.  In the ultra-modern processing unit, detailed knowledge and the most recent techniques and most technologically-advanced machines are used to guarantee an end product of the highest standards.

The basic pillars of efficient production are hygiene; product knowledge; a strict follow-up on quality; the continual pursuit of innovation in products and techniques; and client-directed service. 

Product Knowledge and Efficiency Go Hand in Hand

For the processing of potatoes, in addition to solid product knowledge, an efficient production unit is needed.  Pomuni Frozen makes use of ultra-modern, fully automated machinery.  The first step in the processing is the peeling, followed by the blanching and cooking processes in which the potatoes are puréed.  After this, the puree is processed by an extruder with exchangeable heads, forming various shapes to meet customer requirements.  Breadcrumbs and egg-whites are added in the next step, followed by pre-baking, when required, and freezing in a spiral freezer.

Packaging: Much More than a Necessary Evil

The next step in bringing the product to the client is the computer-directed packaging.  The whole assortment is made to meet customer needs, whether in consumer packaging or in bulk.  By means of a scanning process, Pomuni can always guarantee the traceability of the end-product. 

Flexibility, Speed and Solid Industry Knowledge

Short delivery times and a customer-directed approach are primary concerns with Pomuni Frozen, as is highly professional, flexible service.   We like to think from your perspective.  Would you like to know what we can do for you, either under our name or possibly under your brand name?  Don’t hesitate to contact us.