Pomuni Trade, Fresh and France

For generations, Pomuni craftsmanship has bridged the gap between the potato field and the retailer.  This is one area where the importance of complete traceability and the guarantee of product quality cannot be underestimated.  Year after year, in collaboration with growers and clients, Pomuni has worked to raise their quality standards to previously unseen levels. 

The Process Runs in Various Steps

Once the potatoes arrive from the field, the Pomuni Trade, Fresh and France product department takes samples and grants the potatoes a lot number. Using the most up-to-date computer techniques, everything is tracked, guaranteeing Pomuni complete traceability.  

Every crate receives a lot number that contains all the details, including the variety of potato, from which field they have come and when they were unloaded.  Using an information system, every crate of potatoes can be accurately traced across every step of the production process.  Using the stored knowledge in the computer programme, analyses are made of the samples.  They indicate where adjustments need to be made, enabling continual improvement of the entire process. 

Clear Transparency

With Pomuni, there is a daily supply of potatoes.  The potatoes are sorted by size to ensure they meet customer needs.  After this, the washing and drying process begins. 

The pre-washing of the potatoes offers great benefits; as all loose dirt is removed, the potatoes can be accurately weighed before they are delivered.  There is no doubt about the weight of the product, and consequently, exact figures, with no estimations, can be communicated to the growers. 

Striving for Continual Improvement

Based on the analyses of samples, Pomuni creates action plans to enable continual improvement.  Experts and professionals provide growers with guidance and advice.  Scientific research is important and Pomuni always keeps up to date with the latest trends.  Pomuni is also committed to high quality and environmentally-friendly work methods, incorporating these in their standard operating methods.  Based on a calculation model, forecasts are maintained and analysed.  Pomuni enable growers to work better and more efficiently with this knowledge, therefore improving the sustainability of their products.