The consumer has the choice of different sorts of potatoes.  Every type has its own colour, shape, cultivation and preparation method, as well as different storage requirements, tastes and structure.

Extra-Firm Potatoes

These are potatoes with a very fine structure which is resilient to crumbling when cooked.  They are excellent for boiling, baking or working into a salad, but they do need to be cooked for longer.

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Firm Potatoes

These potatoes are slightly coarser in structure and not quite as firm.  The starch content is average.  They are most commonly used as potatoes for French Fries or as cooking potatoes.

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Very Firm Potatoes

These potatoes also fall under the heading of cooking potatoes.  They have a very course grain structure.  They are relatively dry and reasonably likely to crumble when boiled.  The more starch, the more floury the potato is.  Floury potatoes are ideal for making mashed potatoes.

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Floury Potatoes

These potatoes crumble when cooked.  It is the preferred type of potato for the preparation of mashed potato, stews, soups and soufflés. 

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