No difference in taste between premium brands and own brands

22 - 12 - 2016

Research at the University of Ghent has shown that there is no difference in taste between premium brands and own brands. Advertising would however make consumers think that they taste a little better.

Enormous improvement in own brands

“When own brands were first introduced, the quality of these products was considerably lower than that of the premium brands. However, the quality of own brand products has improved enormously, often it is as high as that of premium brands”, says researcher Joachim Schouteten from the Faculty of Bio-Engineering Sciences.

During the research, the test subjects were given three samples of yogurt to try: one sample unbranded, one after they had given their own expectation of its taste and one where the brand was visible. In this test, the subjects thought they would find the premium brand yogurt tastier, but this did not prove to be the case. “In the test they found that they experienced even stronger negative emotions for the premium brands if they knew the brand. In addition, it turned out that they found the premium brand yoghurts less tasty than expected”, reported Ghent University.

For the own brands their expectations were lower, but they found that the taste was actually better. According to the researchers, the advertising for premium brands plays a big part in this: “For own brands on the other hand there was no or very little advertising. In this test we see that your taste is often affected by the connection that you have with a certain brand”, says Schouteten.