All potatoes have now been planted

24 - 05 - 2019

We started planting our potatoes in mid-April, under perfect weather conditions with a good soil structure.

The temperatures in April were average. In early May, the weather was cooler than expected for the time of the year. “The groundwater table is much lower than usual, however”, says crop manager Bart D’haeyere. “This is a consequence of last year’s dry summer, and we haven’t had much rain recently either.”

Pomuni has been making substantial investments in irrigation for several years already. Artificial rain has already proved its worth many times over, influencing the quality of our potatoes. “This year, we are using irrigation on a 10% larger area of our acreage, compared with 2018”, Bart continues. “We definitely intend to continue irrigating a growing number of plots in the future.” We now irrigate just under 40% of our plots in Belgium.

In addition to irrigation, we are also constantly exploring other forms of innovation to improve quality and cope with climate change.

This includes fertilising our fields when there is no wind, ensuring that we achieve maximum results with a minimum dosage.

We also invested in a haulm puller / root cutter. We can now mechanically strip haulm with this machine that combines haulm pulling with root cutting. This is an environmentally-safe haulm destruction method, eliminating the use of chemicals altogether. The potato skins are firm much earlier too because the roots are cut.