A challenging season for early crops!

24 - 05 - 2019

Harvests in Western Europe were at their lowest in recent years due to the draught and extreme temperatures of last summer. Potatoes sprouted very easily, resulting in faster ageing, and quality was also variable.

Pomuni’s purchasing department anticipated this in September/October, deciding to plant sufficient potatoes with its usual suppliers in the early crop areas. A good preparation and planning are vital during this season. Not everyone in Europe took sufficient anticipatory measures however.

The first new potatoes from Israel arrived at Pomuni around 20 March, and the first Spanish ones at the end of April, which is significantly earlier compared with previous seasons.

Given that the demand for potatoes exceeds the supply, prices are extremely high this year and this situation is expected to continue for quite some time.

In addition to the storage season, the new early crop or “primeur” season is always quite challenging for the whole Pomuni team!