The Advantages of Pomuni

Pomuni is the most reliable supplier for wholesalers of potatoes and potato products.

The Customer is King

When it comes to meeting consumer demand for fresh, high-quality potatoes and potato products, Pomuni does not leave anything to chance.  Innovation is ingrained in our approach, especially in an age when automation, computerisation and digital data play such a major part in effective business practices. This all combines with years of experience and product knowledge to form the basic pillars of Pomuni.  The result is a reliable potato partner.  We guarantee what is precious to us: a beautiful potato or potato product on the plate of a satisfied consumer. 

Traceability is a Basic Requirement

Our craftsmanship bridges the gap between the potato field and the retailer.  This is why we choose only the best and guarantee you high quality.  To begin with, we choose only the richest farmland for our cultivation.  Our bio-engineers provide our growers and employees with appropriate guidance and advice.  During the growth season, the different parties are consulted and any necessary checks are performed.  Once the potatoes arrive, the first tasks on the lists are sampling and the granting of a lot number.  By implementing modern digital techniques, we can use these lot numbers to follow every one of our potatoes until they arrive on consumers’ plates.   This traceability is carefully observed following strict standards and both internal and external checks performed by professionals.

Quality is the Starting Point

At Pomuni, it is vital to us that our potatoes receive “total care”.  The company has chosen a progressive, fully automated analytical process which ensures this high quality. 

This care, however, is only of use when the highest standards of quality are actively pursued, and for this reason, Pomuni has a washing, measuring and sorting line that is directed entirely by computer.  The potatoes are packed into crates only after receiving careful customer-oriented sorting, which is performed by a computerised system, ensuring that no information whatsoever can be lost.  Following the soaking, washing and drying process, the potatoes are digitally processed and sorted based on quality, before being checked manually.  As a quality product, potatoes require continual follow-up.  We have an internal quality assurance service that closely follows and subjects each lot of potatoes to a battery of tests.  This is the only manner in which we, Pomuni, can guarantee clients and the consumers the absolute best potatoes and potato products down to even the finest details. 

Flexibility and Speed

We strive for short delivery times and a customer-directed approach, as well as professional, flexible service. 


Pomuni is synonymous with experienced professionals.  In short, we are potato connoisseurs with both feet on the ground. 

What We Can Do for You

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