Pomuni is a potato supplier that, under private labels, provides retailers, wholesalers and food services with fresh and frozen potato products of the highest quality.

How it all began...

We will go back in time to 1928, where our story begins when the grandfather of Jos and Bart Muyshondt, the current owners of the business, established the company Muyshondt.  At the time, they traded fruit and vegetables on the local markets, and more particularly, the wholesale market in Antwerp.  During the war years, the distribution area grew and the company continued to flourish.  Later, the father and uncle of Jos and Bart entered the company, making the decision to expand their market and to export local products to neighbouring countries.

At the beginning of the 1970s, there was an important step in the growth of the fresh market and the company started to focus exclusively on potatoes.  Muyshondt considered and continues to consider the local presence to be of optimal importance.  At this point at the beginning of the 1970s, Muyshondt had been present on the wholesale market for 40 years.

With the arrival of Jos and Bart Muyshondt in 1977, the company began to work more closely with growers, cultivation was integrated, and more emphasis was placed on differentiation.  Gerona, a company that produced frozen potato products, was acquired in 1992 and Muyshondt built a new location for Gerona in Ranst.

The company expanded with the acquisition of family companies, Gerona and De Wulf in Belgium, and Ammeux in France.  With an eye on the expansion of future markets, a new company identity with a single new name was chosen: Pomuni.  Everyone works together to ensure the values, mission and vision of the company are all fully realised.